BABEL: remixs_ranrun

Babel: remix_ranrun

Randy Adams aka Runran
Canadian writer and artist

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The remix blog was initiated in the spirit of collaboration, using the open source WordPress publishing platform to create a space online for various digital media artists and writers to work together online. Thus, the project has no single author. One unique aspect of the remix is that most of the pieces are remixes (overtly or coneptually) of work already posted on the blog. There are audio pieces, Flash movies, digital images, visual poetry and texts (over 300 individual works). The remix can be viewed as an online journal of digital art and writing – alive, interactive and media rich. It is not a space for the discussion of relative values, and we try not to congratulate each other too often. In fact, many media works are strewn about in the comment areas. The remix is a place for discovery and exploration – we learn from one another. We keep dogma chained outside the gate. It is not a tame place, though, and artful innuendo is evident.

The remix is fueled primarily by:

– babel aka Chris Joseph (Canada/United Kingdom), writer and artist who works
primarily with electronic text, audio and image (

– crissxross aka Christine Wilks (United Kingdom), writer and digital media
artist (

– runran aka Randy Adams (Canada), media artist, editor and writer

Past, occassional and pending remixers include: interdisciplinary artist, poet, and photographer Peter Ciccariello (US); anti-poet and digital media artist e k rzepka (Can); writer of experimental fiction, poetry, and humor Angela Genusa, (US); poet and digtial media artist Marco Giovenale (It); web developer, musician and media artist Simon Mills (UK); poet and digital artist Matina L. Stamatakis (US); code poet Ted Warnell (Can).

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