Gallagher, Ryan

Ryan Gallgher: Camera Toss

Ryan Gallagher
is a photographer and new/emerging media/net artist based in Austin, Texas.

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Camera Toss (The Blog)

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Camera Toss (The Blog) came into existence in October of 2005, intended as the public face of a self organizing internet based community of photographers, hobbyists, amateurs, and even
thrill-seekers that were collectively inspired into attempting and sharing their photographic exploration of a single premise. That premise was simple and restrictive. “What, if any, merit was there in the singular act of throwing a camera (out of your hands) in the effort to capture a photograph in mid flight.” A lot it turns out.
The rather uncreative name perfectly sums up the act, “Camera Toss”, and it stuck. The community first came into existence as a photo sharing “interest group” on the web service, seeded and still actively maintained by Ryan Gallagher of Austin, Texas.
Participation was not immediate, but over time the inspiring images of the early members convinced a larger audience of the merit in trying it. There came a point when the work of the community collectively needed to be seen outside of the user base. The blog was
created to fulfill this task, not necessarily a concerted effort to create an example of “blog art”, but rather an effort to present interesting content, instruction, thoughts, musings, and generally celebrate the efforts and innovations of the distributed community.
Little effort was made to make the blog’s template or design appealing or artful even though Ryan is an avid web designer and programmer, instead, all focus was placed on the content. Despite this, the blog itself (with no modification), along with a real-time photo submission
element, was exhibited at the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, part of a group show entitled “Command-Z” (May 2007). To date the community membership exceeds 3,400… having shared approximately 17,600 photos (on flickr alone) in the style of “Camera Tossing”.

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