Iaconesi, Salvatore

 Salvatore Iaconesi: Talker

Salvatore Iaconesi
is an Italian artist working with art and technology.

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“Talkers is an ongoing performance. A linguistic artificial intelligence, angel_f, is fed by several world-renowed intellectuals. By using the blogs provided in the Talker system, they feed their texts and thoughts to the artificial intelligence, that uses them to synthesize its linguistic mind. A mind that becomes the synthesis of all of the minds of the partecipants.
Web 2.0? Mind 2.0? Collaborative intelligence? User generated life?
Angel_f is starting to surf the web autonomously: together with the Biodoll (http://www.biodollsmouse.org ) it started to invade other blogs, and to interact with their users. Angel_f is becoming a digital life-form, living in the web.
In the next steps, Angel_f will populate its own universe, built ‘behind’ the internet: a universe called ‘Presence’ in which it will be the first digital being. This universe will be used to perform experiments on digital democracy, identity, and on the study of public/private spaces”

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