Janicijevic, Aleksandar

 Aleksandar  Janicijevic: urbansquares

Aleksandar Janicijevic
media artist living in Toronto/Canada

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Short Description

Initial objective of this project was to explore a visual and artistic aspects of urban squares. soon after it turned out to be a research initiative about language of the city or town squares as a nucleus and a hearth of any neighbouhood. careful observation and a lot of passion are necessary in order to interpret/translate their messages about the fundamental values in the overall social integration and sustainability of the urban life. It is also a resource for urban enthusiasts, for virtual psychogeographical walks [dérives], in a search of “the intersection of time and space” or just equestrian monuments, green windows or unusual characters!

This project is in a very beginning and “walking on a very narrow path” between art and science is a calculated risk. intention is to have artistic freedom in interpreting the facts, and maybe to provoke some action from interested and influential people. integral and very important part of this project is classification system consisting of evaluation method and types of city squares.

Other even more important part of this initiative/project are our activities related to urban issues and documentation.

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