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 Richard  Jochum: complexity

Richard Jochum
Richard Jochum is a Visiting Scholar and Artist at Columbia University.

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This is an ongoing open call for net based art regarding the topic of complexity. This blog will showcase the ongoing submissions continually on first come first serve basis. Three entries already posted are given as examples. Participants are asked to submit writing through email and visuals as either jpeg, gif, wmv, or mov files.

The subject is complexity. In November 2006 I gave a keynote lecture “Managing Complexity” at an annual meeting of financial controllers in Vienna. While I was asked to speak about the topic from a historical, philosophical, and scientific background, I promised to showcase some of my art work in so far as it relates to the theme. The blog site comprises of three examples which portray some of my thoughts on it. The participants are invited to offer their views to continue and enrich the dialogue.

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