Keith Deverell, Seth Keen, David Wolf

 Keith Deverell, Seth Keen, David Wolf : videodefunct - pedestrian

Keith Deverell, Seth Keen, David Wolf
artists and researchers from Australia

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Videodefunct is a research project that focuses on producing a hybrid form of vlog. The ‘pedestrian’ prototype is the first of a number of work-in-progress prototypes being developed in the open source weblog application WordPress. A key objective of the project is to explore from a poetic perspective, the way video is presented within the structure of a blog. Pedestrian follows the theme of day-to-day travel, emulating the diary like nature of blogging as a collection of fragmentary short experiences. The first ‘defunct player’ devised for this prototype uses the triptych format and utilises the social software feature of tagging. Individually posted clips are viewed as a cluster, with the user having the opportunity to curate varying selections.

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