Michelkevicius, Vyt.

 Vytautas Michelkevicius :3XPOZICIJA.lt

Vytautas Michelkevicius
living and working in Vilnius/Lithuania

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Short Description

3xposition.lt is a weblog for public curatorship. It interests in the intersection of internet and physical (gallery, public, etc.) space and their effects on each other. Weblog itself is a form of an exhibition. Besides that the same weblog generates an exhibition in a gallery space. This weblog is designed for curating/developing the exhibition and documenting the curatorial process.

The first project of this weblog was an artistic research on post-photographical condition that resulted in a weblog archive, an exhibition in a gallery, a catalogue and a magazine “Post-photography”.

The weblog 3xpozicija.lt extends the notion of an artist and an exhibition. Exhibition is not only the collection of artworks showed for a certain/fixed time in a gallery or other art space. It is also the archive of successful and not successful artists™ proposals, texts and images leading to the final concept of the exhibition, discussion among artists and curators (if we have them) and comments on all these materials. The viewer can experience not only fixed and hanged objects but the whole curatorship process as one integral part of the exhibition. In this case the moderator of this weblog becomes a new media artist who is moderating the curatorship and artistic processes and building a weblog platform and communicative structure.

Weblog as a tool for curatorship is useful because it
 initiates the future exhibition;
 creates the context for the exhibition (links, texts, images, comments);
 makes artist-curator-critic communication open and public;
 could be exported into gallery or public space.

The structure of the weblog

1. Posts (with different purpose and content):
 Discussion on the concept of exhibition;
 Artists™ Proposals;
 Sharing the gallery space – schemes and maps;
 Documentation (photo/video) of the exhibition itself;
 Discussion on the outcomes of exhibition in the weblog and in the press;


3. Tags (categories) make it easier to understand the content and navigate through it. Two main groups of tags emerged while developing the first exhibition: “topics” that describe the exhibited works and “links” to other exhibitions, texts, and art works.

4. The tag cloud is a visual map of the weblog™s content, drawn automatically as content is added and articulating the topics that are most interesting for the community.

5. Links that help to create the context for exhibition.

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