Schuch Brunet, K.

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Karla Schuch Brunet
has created and participated in a variety of projects involving photography and the Internet.

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Short Description is a collaborative moblog that questions identity and self-representation. It is based on concepts of an identity that is mutant, fluid, liquid, and open… And this mutant identity is here characterized by self-portrait. The project intention is to collect a huge number of these ephemeras photos taken by mobile camera.

Artistic motivation

Reading articles about identity I found an interview with Zgymunt Bauman where he talks about an identity “in movement”. It is about us, nowadays, always in search of an identity. Based on these concepts of an identity that is mutant, fluid, liquid, difficult to be shaped and closed, I decided to create a collaborative self-portrait project.

As the time goes by, we change or personality, character, way of thinking, ultimately, our identity. With peculiaris I try to show a bit of this, being here the identity represented by the self-portraiture.

Peculiaris is a collaborative moblog that has the intention of collecting assorted “identity photos”. Zgymunt Bauman, in the book Identity, when reflecting over identity uses the theory of Beata Frydryczak to say that the hero of modernity lives the moment, the “here and now”, it couldn™t be a collector, unless he/she would be a collector of sensations, emotions, Erlebnisse.

Accordingly, peculiaris is a project to collect these ephemera end fragile emotions. Generally the photos taken with mobile camera are reproductions and attempts to strain the time of theses Erlebnisse (experiences).

The name “Peculiaris”

The name “peculiaris” came from the Latin work for “peculiar”, something particular, private, curious… It is the particular characteristic of each person, something typical to his/her identity. I chose the word in Latin by relating to the notion of identifying species, as in biology where the names are Latin. Here we are identifying species, the human being portrait identities.

Enter the work