Szpakowski, Michael

 Michael Szpakowski: Scenes of Provincial Life

Michael Szpakowski
is an UK artist, composer and educator.

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Scenes of Provincial Life

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>From the vlog’s right sidebar:

“A couple of years ago, I started making tiny QuickTime movies, as a kind of moving image dream diary.
They quickly became a major focus of my work & I have made at least two or three every month since.
I guess I was a vlogger avant la lettre so it seems appropriate to present them now as a vlog…”

I suppose, to be explicit, I should add, that I consider & have always done, even before blogging it, the movie *sequence* to be the artwork – rather like a thematically linked collection of poems where one can read an individual poem with pleasure & profit but the
greater insight is to found in the collection as a whole.

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