Torres, Andres

 Andres Torres: Suitcases

Andres Torres
lives and works in Santiago/Chile

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Maletas / Suitcases

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This is a work about intimacy, metaphorically speaking, those spaces of the human mind assigned to develop an unconscious mental ageing process.
This is a work about steps, changes, close up views, and spirit cycles.
In the artistic context of the action, I’ve always admired the Fluxus artistic movement, so when I started the creation of this work, I wondered, what would it be
of Fluxus if the Internet had existed in the 60´s? This tool that gives power to the people while it democratizes knowledge and general information, inspired
me to make this “music sheet”, quoting fluxus actions with a re-codified formality, in terms of circulation.

“Maletas / Suitcases” is a work done spontaneously, as an act of improvisation, that doesn’t have much to do with my artistic production line, except for the circulation aspect.The net art is in its beginnings, and we see that it offers to artists among the world the most virginal place to intervene, with great communicative
potential, but I wonder, people in front of a PC, really want to be distracted by art forms? probably is all in the way it is done, cause it’s very easy to confuse a
web art work with spam, pop ups, virus source, or any other undesired application. “Maletas / Suitcases” is a bilingual work, that doesn´t pretend any thing else
than exist and be sent.

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